Chemotherapy 101...The Getting Started Program

Our Getting Started program is designed to provide the information needed, for patients and their support persons, to understand how chemotherapy affects the body and how to manage potential side effects that can be associated with chemotherapy treatment. Please read the following information in the sequence listed below. We understand that this is a difficult journey for you and your family. We are honored that you have chosen us to be your guide. For any questions regarding the Getting Started program, please call your Compass Oncology office and ask to speak with the Getting Started scheduler.


Please review the Getting Started Program Overview slide presentation.


Please read the Basic Nutrition section which also includes links to additional online nutrition resources. 


Find additional information about your specific chemotherapy treatment drugs. If you need assistance finding the medication used in your chemotherapy regimen please contact your physician's office and ask to speak with the scheduler for the Getting Started program.


Starting Chemotherapy: What to Expect


Thank you for taking the online Getting Started class. Please complete this form and Heather, our clinical nurse educator, will follow-up with you.

Additional Resources and Information