Meet Your Team: Susan Zaretsky, FNP-BC

March 21, 2017

“If I can help people not get cancer or find it early when we can have a strong influence on their prognosis, that’s exciting.”

Susan Zaretsky has worked in nursing for close to four decades, most of that time in oncology. While she’s worked across the cancer care spectrum, her current role is focused on breast cancer prevention, seeing patients deemed high-risk due to a genetic mutation, strong family history or biopsy and those dealing with complex issues like nipple discharge or pain.

One of Susan’s greatest strengths is her ability to listen and meet people where they are, understanding what they know at the time and what they’re feeling. This is the foundation for the education she feels is so important for women with complex breast issues. She prides herself on staying current with the latest research and strives to put the information in a form women can understand and use.

Susan loves to travel. She enjoys nature, baking, new restaurants with friends and finds balance with Tai Chi.

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