Colorectal Cancer

In the United States, colorectal cancer is the fourth most common cancer in men, after skin, prostate, and lung cancer. It is also the fourth most common cancer in women, after skin, breast, and lung cancer.

To help make decisions about colorectal cancer surgery and colon cancer treatment, it’s helpful to consult with a medical oncologist. For many cancer patients, a medical oncologist oversees the entire process of cancer treatment, acting as the lead physician for your team of medical professionals. Your oncologist will help you evaluate the options and assist in determining the best combination and timing for various types of cancer treatments. 

Medical oncologists also work with surgeons who specialize in colon cancer treatment and have a regular working relationship with the entire care team, making communication between the doctors’ offices easier. The medical oncologist will also work with other specialists, including a radiation oncologist if radiation therapy is needed, and other types of physicians as determined by each patient’s needs. The oncologists at Compass Oncology, serving the Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas, are experienced in colorectal cancer treatment. It's often best to start with a medical oncologist so that a complete treatment plan can be created before colorectal cancer surgery.

Visit the National Cancer Institute to find more information about colorectal cancer treatment or ask your cancer care team questions about your individual situation.

Lo que usted necesita saber sobre el cáncer de colon y recto.