Compass Breast Specialists

A Team Approach To Breast Cancer Treatment

Compass Breast Specialists is a leading resource for breast cancer patients in the Portland and Vancouver metro area. We provide a collaborative, holistic approach to care delivered by a comprehensive treatment team of leading specialists in breast surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostics, pathology and genetic risk evaluation.

Breast cancer treatment is complex and often requires a combination of targeted therapies for the best outcome. Access to our multidisciplinary team of experts from the time of diagnosis leads to optimal communication and a more personalized, cohesive treatment plan. Women know what to expect throughout their care and are empowered with the knowledge they need to fully participate in choosing the course of treatment that best fits their needs.

Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator

Our breast cancer nurse navigator provides guidance from diagnosis through treatment and work with oncology nurses, social workers and patient benefit representatives to complement the physician team. The nurse navigator serves as a care coordinator, assessing the needs of our patients in order to develop an individualized education plan, coordinate community resources, and provide support where needed. This greatly improves the patient experience and lessens the stress of treatment.

Second Opinions

Compass Breast Specialists is a leading resource in the Portland and Vancouver metro area for women seeking a second opinion prior to surgery or adjuvant therapies. Many women find it particularly helpful to have access to a consultation with a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and a breast surgeon prior to making a final decision on a treatment plan.

Complex Breast Clinic

Women at high risk for breast cancer require the ongoing, focused expertise of specialists to best monitor and screen for the disease. The Compass Breast Specialists Complex Breast Clinic is an ideal resource for patients in this category. Our experts also treat benign breast disease.

Compass Breast Cancer Specialists Team:

Medical Oncologists:
Jay Andersen, MD
David Cosgrove, MD
Lucy Langer, MD
Regan Look, MD
John Smith II, MD
Magdolna Solti, MD
Richard Zinke, MD

Radiation Oncologists:
Ravi Chandra, MD, PhD
Nico de Wette, MD
Carrie Gotkowitz, MD
Gregory Patton, MD
Scott Schneider, MD

Breast Surgical Oncologists:
Tammy De La Melena, MD
Kathleen Dunham, MD
Toni Storm-Dickerson, MD

Complex Breast Nurse Practitioner:
Susan Zaretsky, FNP-C

Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator:
Ellery Palanukk RN, BSN, CCRN, CSC
Becky Price, RN, OCN 
Jennifer Steen-Reavis, RN, BSN, CN-BN

Genetic Risk Evaluation
Becky Clark, MS, CGC

To schedule an appointment please call 503.528.5343 locations in Portland and Vancouver.