COVID-19 HEALTH ALERT!  For the safety of our patients and staff, effective March 30, 2020, new patients and patients with disabilities will be permitted one visitor over the age of 15. No other visitors will be permitted into the clinic.  Family members and caretakers may participate in the appointments remotely by phone or video conference if desired. 

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Breast Surgical Oncology

Surgery is an essential part of treating breast cancer. Breast surgical oncologists specialize in the treatment of breast cancer using various surgical techniques depending on each patient’s condition. There are many considerations that help to determine the most appropriate surgical approach for each breast cancer patient.

The breast cancer surgeons of Compass Oncology are well-known experts in their field and are at the forefront of innovation in breast cancer surgery. They work closely with our team of medical oncologists and radiation oncologists to create a individualized treatment plans for each breast cancer patient. Extensive treatment plans may include several therapies before and/or after surgery to remove the breast cancer.

Compass Oncology is pleased to include some of the only breast surgeons in the Portland area who also work closely with the reconstruction and plastic surgery process. Oncoplasty specialists are not only familiar with the techniques for removing cancer from the breast, but they are also trained in the breast reconstruction process. They work closely with the top plastic and reconstructive surgeons in the Portland area to ensure the best result for women who will encounter breast reconstruction as part of their treatment and recovery journey.

Tammy De La Melena, MD   

Kathleen Dunham, MD            

Toni Storm-Dickerson, MD  

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