HEALTH ALERT!  For the safety of our patients and staff, effective March 30, 2020, new patients and patients with disabilities will be permitted one visitor over the age of 15. No other visitors will be permitted into the clinic.  Family members and caretakers may participate in the appointments remotely by phone or video conference if desired. 

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Meet Elisa Hall

Elisa Hall – Superstar at Compass Rose Quarter

Why did you apply to Compass?
I wanted to work in a medical setting and I was familiar with Compass prior to applying. My mom was a patient at the West clinic and I wanted to work for a company that helps people; a place that impacts lives. So what better place than here!
Working in Oncology is tough! What keeps you going? What motivates you?
Knowing that not all patients journey end here. Yes we have patients who pass while getting treatment, but there are plenty of patients who finish and who have happy endings with Compass. Also knowing that what we do here is so impactful.
What is your favorite aspect of your job?
Getting to be around new people and connect in person and not just over the phone. I also love my coworkers! Since we all have a common goal we work together as a team so well. It doesn't matter what department people are in, we work together to help our patients.
What is the most challenging part of your job? How do you overcome that challenge?
Seeing patients in such a vulnerable, painful, and sad state is very difficult. You can't learn how to feel emotions, no one can teach you to be genuinely comforting and supportive; you just have to be able to feel it. This is why every employee here is so special - because they have the ability to console, lift up, and be there for the patients.
What is the best part about working with Compass?
My team is amazing because they are always willing to help. Ever since I starting at Rose Quarter everyone has been so nice and willing to answer my questions. Many go above and beyond just giving me an answer, they explain in depth, which is what I prefer. No one is here to compete, we are all here for a common goal, we all know how to work together, which makes coming to work so easy!
What has been the most rewarding part of your job?
The absolute best is when the patient is at the end of their treatment and they thank you. The basics of my job are schedule, confirm appointments, and check people in. Being kind and helpful is just something I do in and out of work. So when someone thanks me for what I have done during their journey here, blows my mind.

My role here is so simple compared to the roles of the nurses and doctors, but to know that patients appreciate our work, our energy our willingness to help, feels so good.